New tenant: found items needing repair

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    New tenant: found items needing repair

    I recently moved in to a new property and found some items in need of repair:
    - a broken shower valve
    - missing wardrobe door handle
    - broken kitchen counter knob/handle

    I still didn't get the inventory from the letting agency since I moved in 1 day ago but I plan to document these things there as well.

    What is the advised way to get this things repaired by the landlord? Are there any formal means of communicating like a letter template or should I just email the landlord about it?

    Thank you.

    Write or email to landlord (copy agent if there is one) a calm & polite letter noting any issues.

    Here is guidance and a draft letter.

    Suggest you take LOTS of photos of the place, ideally with a witness.

    Not getting a copy of inventory after only 1 day is not surprising: Give it time! The longer landlord takes, the better for you...
    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


      Contact the landlord in writing (email is fine) right away listing your concerns so that you have evidence that you brought the matter to their attention at the start of the tenancy - just in case.

      They'll probably get things sorted.

      Make sure that if you do receive an inventory, you mark the damages you have found on that, too and send them back a copy of your changed version.

      If you don't receive an inventory, don't push for one. If they don't issue one and you never sign it... well, that's their problem when it comes to any deposit deductions that they want to make.


        If you send an email detailing repairs you feel nec. print it off and send it by First Class post to 'Address for Service of Notices' in AST, addressed to LL. An email may be in 'writing', but the Interpretation Act does not yet recognize email as a valid Service method (unless LL replies to your email).
        IMO LL can disregard any Notice sent . by email. sms. tel


          What is a shower valve?

          Landlord does not have to repair the other two things you mention though a good landlord might. Every home has a few wonky things - you have not rented a hotel. Yes do document them well.


            Originally posted by AndrewDod View Post
            What is a shower valve?
            A shower valve is the mechanism which, when turned or pulled in the appropriate direction, allows the water to come out of the nozzle in a shower unit. Some of it is usually behind the wall/tiles (connected to the water supply), but the operable part is (obviously) easily accessible. If it is broken then I would assume that s LL is indeed liable for its repair (equipment for supply of hot water, etc).

            I am more puzzled by what kind of knob or handle could be broken on a kitchen countertop.
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              mind the gap,

              My apologies, English is not my first language! I meant the kitchen cupboards have doors with handles and one of these is broken.


                Ok so to summarise: Landlord should fix your shower. Email or write to the agent (the landlord employs an agent because he does not want to deal with day to day stuff). Probably write as well (on paper, posted with a certificate of postage) if you get no rapid response.

                The odd bits of handles etc., you just want to document so you do not get blamed, but landlord is under no obligation to fix every such item in real time. He might wait until there are a few minor jobs that need doing and then call and odd-job man. If you want every minor bit repaired then you would have to be paying a lot higher rent..... Do inform them however so they can add to their odd-job list.

                Wait for the inventory, annotate it with various things you find, take a copy of it, and return the signed annotated inventory to the agent (perhaps ask then to sign/stamp your copy to confirm they have received it).


                  The shower valve... does it look OK? Is the fact that it is broken only become obvious when you try to use it?

                  If so then it won't be on the inventory as 'broken' as clerks don't check that showers work. That is why you get to add any functional defects you find after you move in and also why you simply report it as broken and they arrange to get it fixed.

                  Chances are the broken/missing handles will be on the inventory, just check it when you receive it. As AndrewDod said, wait to receive it, go through it, annotate it, sign and date it and return it. You could also take pictures if there is anything big that has been missed!

                  That you don't have one the day after you move in is not unusual. The clerks often only get to do the inventory very shortly before the property is let and so we don't always have time to prepare the report before the new tenant moves in..

                  Having said that, if you don't get one, then you need not worry. The LL won't be able to show any dilapidations....


                    Shower valve may just be dripping because not fully turned off'.
                    Is the valve otherwise functional or physically broken?


                      The valve/tap is broken. It falls off when you touch it.
                      The LL agreed by email that he will send a plumber to fix it.

                      The other bits I will just annotate in the inventory which I just received yesterday and there is no mention of the tap or the other bits.

                      Thanks for the helpful advice.


                        No mention of broken/missing drawer handles??? Again, are they only obviously broken when touched/used? Though the inside of the drawers/cupboards should also have been checked....

                        If the inventory was drawn up by the Letting Agent I would go through it with a fine tooth comb, annotate everything, include your own dated pictures, give them a copy... tell them you want them to update their info

                        If it was done by an independent inventory clerk, do the same and then tell the agent specifically and clearly that there are significant errors in the inventory, give them a copy get a receipt, email acknowledging it, etc.

                        That way you will sort have done your own Check In, which they should agree to accept, and cannot be held responsible for those items.


                          No mention of broken or missing handles. The missing handle is obvious upon inspection.


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