Landlord wanting "final bills"

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    Landlord wanting "final bills"

    Forgive me for not providing all the back ground.

    I'm the tenant.
    Deposit protected with DPS, all above board.
    Last day of tenancy was 15th September 2016.
    Flat was professionally cleaned - no issues apparently.
    Landlord wants "final bills" before he will release deposit, claiming that it's a requirement of his Landlord Insurance (I don't believe that).
    I offered up final bills in PDF format (Water and Virgin media) - as he had spoken to the Electricity company direct to confirm that the account was closed (Data Protection hmm?)
    LL is now saying that the Virgin bill is not a "final bill" because it doesn't show a nil balance - of course not, I've taken Virgin services to my new property!

    I've already started the 'repayment' request on DPS.

    Help - what do I do? I think I've been accommodating by providing my utility bills, pardon the pun, but my patience has now ran out. Can I commence a 'money claim' with the online process to compel the DPS to release the funds?

    What are my options?

    His stuff about insurance is rubbish, it's got nothing to do with that. What it is to do with is him avoiding his liability for unpaid bills in the property - which is fair enough and there's probably something in your tenancy agreement about it (if there's not, point that out to him and ask again, politely, for your money).

    He sounds like he is being rather difficult. Have you told him Virgin are with you at your new place? If your address is already on a letter/bill from them at your new address that might help to ease his mind.

    Don't bother with MCOL for the moment, that starts court proceedings and will cost you quite a bit of cash. No point at this point. I suggest you go through the adjudication procedure with the DPS, they will give your LL a slap and tell him to hand back your money.


      Wot tenant1001894 said....!
      I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


        I have just sent my LL a short and sweet email. I thought I would mention the 'debacle' when he got his unskilled mate in to fit a whole new kitchen. A 3 week bodge job that required a skilled professional to remedy. Funny how that's "by the book" - a phrase he keeps using in emails to me about abiding by his Landlord insurance! har har! Annoying that he knows I'm getting divorced (monthly solicitor bills) and trying to remortgage at the same time, yet a £27 Virgin Media contract is causing all this... I shouldn't have even mentioned that I had a Virgin Media account!

        "Dear xxx

        I have provided you will final bills for xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. I have nothing more that I can add.

        I am still a Virgin Media customer and have transferred their services to my new property, so there will not be a nil balance on any bill. The charging arrangements with Virgin Media are all in order.

        I've never needed to provide any utility bills in the past, nor as a Landlord have I ever requested bills from my tenants. As I'm sure you know, liability for bills is against the named individual, not the property or owner. I find it hard to believe that any Landlord Insurance policy would actually want these bills - can you attach the policy and terms/conditions so that I can read what it says. I do recall that the kitchen was refitted by an unskilled individual who left all manner of saws and sharp tools around my home over a three week period, so I think this would have invalidated the insurance policy anyway.

        Can you please confirm that there are no deductions to be made from my security deposit and that the money will be released within the next 48 hours - I need this back by the end of this week without further delay.

        Kind regards,


          Thanks tenant1001894. I'll try to keep my cool, it's just vexing. I've been a Landlord myself (4+ sets of tenants), perhaps I'm soft but this is an effort.


            Joni, can't see your problem, you just need each Uility + Virgin to provide written confirmation that account for property have been closed/transferred as of <date> and the outstanding balance for property address is £nil on that date.
            Your ongoing divorce costs are of ne interest to LL, he prob has more than 1 mortgage to pay, he just wants confirmation there will be no unexpected bills to contest.
            You may be an exemplary LL but not every T is perfect, esp with unexpected outgoings.


              Thanks mariner, sometimes it's easy to lose objectively.

              Virgin have provided me with an email confirming that services have been stopped on xx date and quoting the address etc. I promptly forwarded this onto the LL and I sent a text to say I had done so.

              I got a 'I'll look at it tomorrow' type response from the LL. Fingers crossed.


                Payment Processing.

                All sorted. I can take a chill pill. Thanks all.


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