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    Landlord Rental Increase

    The house we are currenlty renting has recently be bought with us as sitting tenants.

    We were perviousley renting from a family friend. There is no tenancy agreement in place and rent was paid by cash into his account on 30th of each month with no problems.

    New landlord took over mid July. received a letter from him 23rd July requesting payment date to change to 25th and an increase of £100.00 pcm.

    Where do we stand in terms of the increase? We paid, as we had little understanding of the landlord / tenant business.

    Have since been informed that landlord is supossed to give one months notice before increasing the rent?

    Is this correct?

    We moved into the property March 2006
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    1. There IS a tenancy and an oral Agreement- just nothing written.
    2. When did you move in? Your precise status depends on whether date was before 15 January 1989, or between then and 28 February 1997, or after then
    3. L may be entitled to use procedure in s.13 of Housing Act 1988 to increase rent. This necessitates a special Notice form, without which the rent can be changed ONLY if you voluntarily agree.
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