Fire safety and sofa advice needed

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    Fire safety and sofa advice needed


    I recently moved into a property in England with an AST, but had not viewed the sofa and armchair before moving in as the old tenant had theirs in place. I had been shown a picture which looked fine.

    Upon moving in, it is clear the picture was an old picture. They are now stained and grubby, with tears in them. I asked the landlady whether she had anywhere to store it, so I could put my own sofa in, which she refused.

    I was then considering asking the landlady if I could throw hers out if I was prepared to leave mine when I moved out.

    Before offering this I wanted to know how to get rid of a sofa and I found out about fire safety regulations. Upon checking, her sofa does not have a fire safety label. It has a tuft of a label, but I cannot with 100% certainty say this was a fire safety label. The matching armchair does have a fire safety label.

    Is the landlady obliged to replace the sofa?

    In any event, would it be considered reasonable to ask the landlady to go halves on a new sofa and chair, providing I leave them when I move out?

    Any advice would be appreciated.



    The fire safety label could be lost. How old do you think this sofa is?

    Are you renting a furnished flat/house? It seems there is a connection between getting rid of the sofa and fire prevention or is it the cost of getting rid of it that is sending you here?

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      I'd say at least 5 years old.

      It is a fully furnished flat. Well I was looking at the cost of getting rid of it and came across a charity that would collect it for free but said it must meet fire safety regulations. When I've found out the sofa does not have a fire safety label, I was concerned that it shouldn't even be in the flat in the first place but I'm not sure?


        As far as I know there is no actual law to say there has to be a fire label as such and at all times, only that it has to be safe (which may be hard to prove without a label or purchase information). It does seem to have had a fire label and it is most unlikely that the matching furniture would have had a different label. Often there are labels which are hidden. If the absence of a label was an offense, a tenant could simply cut off the labels and then report the landlord for an absence of labels. There are heavy potential fines for non-compliant furniture, but I know of no cases where landlord was fined where they could prove the furniture was compliant but there was no label at the time of any complaint.

        You can ask the landlady anything (a compromise, an offer etc.) Maybe she will accept. Your offer sounds potentially reasonable.


          I think fire safety regulations for soft furnishings have been in place since the late 1990s. When they came in either the fabric had to be treated, or the fabric had to be of a type that did not need treatment (some are naturally fire retardant). Likewise only certain types of foam or polyester filling were allowed. So unless it is over 15 years old it is likely to meet regulations.

          If it is horrible, stained and torn and Landlady doesn't want to store it so you can use your own, is there anywhere you could store it in the house? Spare room? And put a throw over it or something. If not - tricky. Is there an agent who arranged the letting? Maybe just say it's not suitable and you want it replacing or removing.


            AIUI LL is under no obligation to replace any usable/compliant furniture in a furnished property.


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