Bathtub stained by lodger

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    Bathtub stained by lodger

    Hi all,

    Our lodger has moved out after 6 months, and we are reviewing the damage caused.
    They had a bedroom, and and adjoining bathroom. (We have an ensuite so never used the bathtub).

    There are two issues that we have picked up on:

    1) The bathtub now has dozens of yellow spots on it.
    The bathtub originally was not new, but was clean and spotless.
    They were using some sort of traditional Indian herbal/henna shampoo which it looks like has stained the white tub.
    They have cleaned the bath and all, and we have tried ourselves with several standard cleaning products, and a couple of old wive's tale solutions but we cannot get them out.

    Bath Tub

    2) One of the chrome handles has had the chrome plating damaged:
    It wasn't like this originally, and it is definitely not 6 months worth of "wear and tear".
    We think that in trying to clean the bath to solve the problem above, they may have used corrosive cleaning products/cleaning products not suited to use on metals.
    The photos aren't great, but up close it looks like the chrome has been removed and the brass (goldish/greenish) colour is coming through.

    "OK" Handle

    Damaged Handle

    We had a signed contract and deposit with them and they are asking what is happening with the deposit, and when we will return the deposit back to them.

    The bath and handles are still usable, but it no longer looks or feels like it's a clean bath.

    It seems like we either:
    - Return all the deposit and accept it.
    - Retain some of the deposit, and live with it.
    - Retain some of the deposit, and spend a lot more than what was retained either refinishing or even replacing the damaged items.

    What would you do in this scenario?

    Thanks in advance

    Is it a plastic or vitreous enamel bath?
    Layer on kitchen towel and spray with domestic bleach. Leave on for 24 hrs.
    Otherwise deduct cost of cleaning materials and return most of deposit, all else being OK.



      Tried the bleach, left it for a few days, gave it a scrub, but it's still clearly visible.

      Here's a better photo:

      Up close:


        See the link below. Try that.



          Have you tried Bar-keeper's friend?


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