Question about the small claims process re: deposit protection & supporting evidence

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    So - quick update. Firstly thanks to everyone who chipped in on this thread. Despite it being a straight forward, open and shut case its still an incredibly tricky (and expensive as far as cash flow goes) process to navigate. I can see exactly why so many tenants give up.

    Long story short - I engaged a proper firm of solicitors to file the claim against return of my deposit and BOTH breaches of the act on both the first and second AST - and we ended up settling out of court once the claim papers had been filed and served on the Landlord

    Extremely happy with the settlement result (especially just before xmas) but can't disclose what it was - and I'm glad I engaged proper solicitors in the end. Hopefully he will think twice about attempting to rip tenants off in the future.

    Despite 9 mths of both landlord and agent attempting to convince me I was wrong/didn't know what I was talking about/ didn't understand the law/ didn't understand the contract/ was just being difficult once it came to crunch time they had to back down.

    Anyway just glad that its all over now frankly!


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