First time landlord nightmare!!

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    If he is somewhere near the top of the food chain in an estate agency he will presumably not welcome a CCJ.

    Agree with the others above - follow due process and extract every penny you are legally entitled to. Do not agree to give him deposit back if he goes quietly - he won't. He's playing the system - and you.
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      Tell him that all the time he is the tenant that he is liable for the continuing rent. Tell him you will pursue him through the courts and he will get a CCJ plus court costs. He is a player.

      Do you know if his deposit was protected properly and the prescribed information served?

      You can also given written notice to inspect the property and if he is not there let yourself in so that you can take pictures to show the judge that he has vacated. I would be very careful to just take back the property as he might try to claim you illegally evicted him. Sounds like a very nice chap!!


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