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    Landlord management software


    I've used this site for a long time to search for answers to many a question but only recently became a member. This is my first post so forgive me if I'm not doing things right!

    I'm a landlord with 10+ properties and soon to be leaving my full time job to commit to being a full time landlord and property developer.

    I use simple excel spreadsheets and pivot tables to track my rental income and expenditure, which I pass to my accountant, and rely mainly on my phone's calendar to remind me when gas certs, etc. need doing.

    I was just wondering whether anyone uses any kind of software to keep track of things. After a very quick search on google I've found something called PM3s by a company called Property Hawk. Has anyone got any experience of using this software? It says it's free and it looks pretty good but I don't want to spend all day filling details in if someone can tell me it'll only end up being free for a couple of months or they know the company and they tend to stop working after so long, last thing I want to do is rely on something that has a short lifespan. Or simply, they've used it and didn't like it because of A, B & C.

    I'm pretty good on Excel, so not sure whether to just stick with that to be honest

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

    Thanks alot

    I've no experience of that particular package, but manage my portfolio (10+) on excel, with a diary for dates, and a scanner for documents.
    I've never come across the killer feature(s) that would make it worth while entering all that data again.
    When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
    Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


      NLA have just started advertising a Data Property Management package for LLs.


        Thanks jpkeates, maybe I should stick with what I know and get on with my To Do list instead!


          Thanks mariner


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            This may just be one part of it, as ' ash72' states there are a lot less rental properties now (and it will get worse in the future), rents have sky rocketed and a LL can simply pick and choose the very very best tenant. It has become even more important than ever to get the right tenant, this is due...
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            A friend of mine who is a single parent with three children is trying to find a house to rent. She has three children and recieves UC mainly to help with childcare costs, but despite viewing several houses and showing interest and showing she is more than able to pay rent, she has been turned down and...
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            As 'ash72' states you may be angry at the perceived way in which the landlord has treated you but do not mix the two up, If you wish to take on more stress after you have been evicted and may still be looking for a place to live...... which with a CCJ will be all but impossible, go ahead, but i would...
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            I wondered if anyone can tell me if it is possible to counter claim for damage, harassment, poss landlord breach in contract and emotional distress in a section 8 eviction.
            so basically I’ve read online that i can claim for compensation which will go towards reducing my rent arrears but my solicitor...
            18-05-2022, 16:30 PM
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            by ram
            If you are in flats, with service charges, the buildings insurance for residential Landlords insurance ( the Landlord of the freehold, that insures the building ) The insurance company may well cease immediately the insurance coverage.

            It happend to our block of flats ( I was the Co. Sec,
            18-05-2022, 18:54 PM
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            Anyone got information or first hand knowledge around renting the property to the local councils or any other authorities which guarantee...
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            by theartfullodger
            'phone Shelter 0808 800 4444 for advice.
            18-05-2022, 18:31 PM
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            As I said in the original post, the deposit is NOT in a Tenancy Deposit Scheme but, instead is being held directly by the Agent....
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            by abimsalabim
            I am a Landlord and I have a company tenancy which has now come to an end. I did a check-in inventory before the tenant moved in and I have done a check-out inventory now that they have moved out, and there are damages to my property by the tenant. The deposit is being held by the agent and is not in...
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            If the agent is refusing the mediate the dispute between the tenant and myself but, is instead asking me to go to court, what are my options in terms of penalising the agent? Apart from firing them, can I get compensation from them failing to provide their services?...
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