Tenant, out of contract ...moving on but refusing access for new tenant viewings

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    Tenant, out of contract ...moving on but refusing access for new tenant viewings

    I have a tenant who is moving on , they are delayed because they are in a chain to buy a new house and they originally told me they would be leaving by the time their current contract ran out( Next week). However they have now said they can't move for another 3 months, until mid September.

    Ideally I wanted a new tenant in by September as I have been told its difficult to find one after August. However, the tenant is also on holiday for 3 weeks and will not allow any viewings with an estate agent, which is making it virtually impossible for me to find a new tenant after they leave.

    Does anyone have any advice as I would like them to leave as soon as possible.

    If you have a clause in your contract regarding viewings, then you have a (very)slim chance of getting them to allow viewings. If you don't, then bar paying them handsomely, they will be ven more reluctant to help you out.

    I wouldn't think September is a hard time to find a tenant, unless your property is undesireable.
    I would say mid October onwards may be harder, but not September.

    If they continue to be awkward, i would be equally awkward with them, and hold them to exactly the notice period they are required to give.
    A lot of tenants think they only have to give a months notice, and then pay any "extra" days pro-rata.

    Once the fixed term expires, you are entitled to "at least" a months notice, that expires at the end of a tenancy period(I assume a few things).

    Have you served a Sec 21 on them?
    Allow tenants to protect their own deposits. I want free money when they do it wrong


      I don't do viewings with tenants in place.
      It makes very little difference to the void period (because you can't ever rely on a tenant moving when they say they will to start the next rental).
      And tenants can be messy.
      I like to let them leave, make sure everything is OK, get cleaning/redecorating done at worst in parallel with advertising and viewings.

      September should be OK, it's when it starts to go dark early things can slow down, and even so, that's not usually a complete show stopper.

      The main thing is that the tenant isn't out of contract, they're on a rolling periodic tenancy, and they (as noted above) can't just leave when they want.
      When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
      Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


        Refer them to the link below as it sets out the double rent payable when a tenant gives notice then decides not to leave. It could be a profitable time for you!



          The tenant hasn't given notice.
          Are you aware of landlords that have gained even an extra penny through this method?
          Allow tenants to protect their own deposits. I want free money when they do it wrong


            The OP said the tenants had said they were leaving at the end of the current agreement ran out and no, I am not aware of anyone who has actually got a penny through the 1737 act but the OP was asking for tips on getting them to leave asap. Clearly if they haven't actually given notice it will not work.


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