Would you rent from this estate agent?

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    Would you rent from this estate agent?

    Hello LandlordZONE readers!
    Basically, this is my first time private renting and I am worrying (probably excessively) about potential scams etc.

    So I have two questions:
    1 - Would you rent with an agent that had only been in existence for a year, and was not on any voluntary schemes such as ARLA? However, they are on a redress scheme, have DPS and will allow payment to be made at same time as handing over keys. Also, they do have an office.
    2 - Is any tenancy agreement contract with signatures a legally acceptable one? If the AST says 6 month tenancy and I sign it, I can't then be kicked out until the end of the tenancy can I? (If I stick to rules obv lol).

    Thankyou all!

    You are right to be concerned about any LA or LL, or anyone with whom you sign a bindingContract
    Having an office is no G of credibility, unscrupulous LAs can 'disappear o/n and remove all office eqpt.
    They don't 'have' DPS but may join one of the 3 Approved Schemes, poss My Deposits (Ins).
    It should be LLs more concerned about LAs, and Ts about LLs.

    Just read & understand any contract/agreement before signing, take Ind legal advice if nec and obtain copy at time.
    This Forum offers advice to Ts as well as LLs, even some LAs, with no legal liability, just experience.

    Anyone can be the victim of a 'con', the trick is to stay vigilant to possibility.

    If AST states x months, that is the fixed term. These days a T cannot receive a 'Notice to seek Repossession' (s21), until within 2 cal months of FT expiry . Watch out for activation of earlier 'break clauses'.
    Don't forget along with any 'Rights' come 'responsibilities'.


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