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    No condensation on ours (bottom pane of glazed door - like jta). The installer, a glazier, knew what he was doing.

    Keep the original double glazed pane in a safe place, should you wish to revert to "no cat flap".


      Ours is in the bottom of a fully glazed french door - it was manufactured that way (came delivered with a big circular hole, with the beading around the edges). If you are fitting a cat flap in a double glazed door, as well as the flap, you need an "adaptor" - it goes around the flap and seals properly with the circular hole.

      We are now contemplating "basic" flaps (the one in the back door is a chip activated one, the Little Furry Asshats got used to it very quickly, once they realised that Outside was Fun) on a couple of our internal doors (from utility room to the rest of the house and into the living room) so that I can have the doors closed and not keep having to get up in response to "I'm on the wrong side of the door" shouts.


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