Hazards of using a tenant referencing service

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    Originally posted by andybenw View Post
    My ideal tenant. Young female(almost certainly no children) , working full time, no car(no loan).
    Yeah, I once had one of those, fitted that profile precisely. Had a well-paid job and on paper was a great prospect. She'd been in my property for a few months and in short order got herself pregnant (probably accidentally), fired from her job, and was basically unemployable. She stopped paying the rent (which was well short of what she'd have been entitled to on benefits) as she wanted evicting in order to get social housing. I had to go ahead with that, and the timing of the court date was such that the possession notice was going to end up being something like 22 December. Brilliant. I ended up being persuaded by her CAB advocate and the council to have it dated a couple of weeks later, at my expense of course.

    But yes, I still continue to let to young single females, and haven't come a cropper with one since.


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