Not notified of deposit protection

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  • theartfullodger
    Only if it stated that you needed to be informed within 30 days in the contract. And I doubt a court would agree that was sufficient grounds to break contract.

    However you now have 2 major advantages.

    a) As you presumably (check paperwork given earlier - it might have been there,..) not served the "Prescribed information" within 30 days of paying deposit you can sue landlord for up to 3xdeposit (!) Yes!!. Don't do it right away he'll want to evict you (see next point..) - you can sue any time up to 6 years after PI should have got to you, 30 days after you paid...

    b) As no PI in 30 days any s21 notice will be invalid so you stay longer if you wish & landlord will find you hard to evict.

    If you just want out why not ask landlord if an early end is possible...

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  • ian norris
    started a topic Not notified of deposit protection

    Not notified of deposit protection

    6 weeks into my tenancy and I've not been told where my deposit is.
    It is protected because I found it.
    Apparently I have to be notified in 30 days.
    Can I break the tenancy for breech of contract?

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