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    Quote Originally Posted by theartfullodger
    An s21 may not validly expire before the end of the fixed term. End of.
    Well, the law says no less than 2 months notice and possession order not to take effect before the end of the fixed term, which is subtly different.

    I also note that this has been changed in the Deregulation Act to explicitly prevent this.
    From the quote above by jjlandlord from a another thread it could be that the section 21 may be valid in that its given the required notice period and as there is no mention of the end date as long as its actioned after the end of the fixed term.
    Any advice I give is my opinion and experience, I am as you also learning.


      Having emailed the LA on Monday and posed the question of them underwriting our legal fees if use of their S21 resulted in the court rejecting our claim for possession, this seems to have provoked intense email activity between LA and our solicitor. But still no committal on the part of LA in response to my question. Tenants are due to be served a further S21 tommorow, this has been prepared by our solicitor.

      Tenant has been informed that she has to continue paying rent at same intervals as previously, she is not too happy at this and we are hoping that she may change her mind, find some alternative lower rent accommodation and vacate our property now that she knows that if she stays with her original plan it will cost her a substantial amount of money in rent plus the court fees when this eventually gets to court in 3-4 months. By this time it will have cost her over 4000 pounds.


        If you believe the telly many people thinking they'll get a Council property may end up disappointed with what they're offered. A woman who'd lived in Hounslow all her life was offered a flat in Birmingham, take it or leave it - no chance to view it was offered. She had never been to Birmingham. If she didn't take it, which she didn't, the Council said they'd then discharge their responsibility to her, which they did.

        "How to get a Council House".


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