Surrender of lodger agreement

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    Thank you for your help! So right now I will put everything on hold and wait. Unless he sues me, I won't go to court (it's not worth it).

    @Kay Powell

    I still have the pictures of the mushrooms... Can I report the state of the property (along with the chemicals stored in the kitchen) now?


      Yes. You don't have to be a resident in order to report these things. If you can email a couple of photos to the officer who is given the report, it will assist the council because the landlord won't be able to claim that the problem (which we assume is still there) is caused by a current tenant. I feel sure that a council officer would be able to find quite a number of faults.


        Thank you for your responses to date!

        Just one more question: if my ex-landlord agreed in writing that he would try to find a replacement lodger and he is not doing that, does that help my case (if he sues me)?

        I have checked his adverts - he posts them, but sets the room available to move in date for some time in future. He has done that for a number of times already since I moved out, e.g. posting an advert on 15 June and setting the move in date on 30 June, instead of setting the room as available now.

        Would that count as him not looking for a replacement lodger? Basically, no one can move in if he keeps postponing the availability date.


          Possibly. I suspect he's dropped his claim and moved on so in your situation I would stop worrying.


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