Tenant in Prison, Possession order received. What to do ?

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    Tenant in Prison, Possession order received. What to do ?

    Hello everyone,

    I am in a situation where i have received possession order through court (after S.21 and accelerated possession procedure). When court sent out notification of accelerated possession proceedings to tenant in case if he wants to defend, he was at home, but he never defended. Soon after he was arrested by police in a drugs related case. At the time of letter being sent to his home by court with eviction date, he was in police remand. Now the date has passed to give up possession and he is still in police remand. I just came to know that he will be in remand (in a london based prison) for next 4 months until he is sentenced or freed. He was kept updated about court's decision to give up possession
    by his ex wife throughout he was in remand.
    I am just wondering what to do in this situation as his belongings are still at the flat.
    A) Shall i apply for bailiffs and then take possession through them ?
    B) Shall i visit him in prison and get a letter signed by him that he is giving up possession.
    C) Shall i just clear up the flat and re-Let it ?
    Any other suggestions ?

    Thanks for reading.

    I would try for B or some variation of it first.


      A and B would seem reasonable. Do you have contact with his parents for them to take his goods on.

      If you can visit him do so with a Deed of Surrender for him to sign ( if he will co-operate). If not then get the bailliff out. What does it say in the tenancy agreement about keeping his goods?

      Freedom at the point of zero............


        Thanks for your advice and by looking at it I've made the appointment to meet the tenant in prison and get deed of surrender signed with a witness. I hope he will do it as we have no issues between us. Last resort would be bailiffs of course.
        Thanks again. Really appreciate your help in making my mind up.


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