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    Originally posted by Kathryn View Post
    Arysamy. You need to start legal action now, how do you ever expect to be rid of your parasitic tenant otherwise? What do you mean you can't chase her for rent arrears becasue she has changed employer. If she's employed you might just stand a chance of getting some money back. Don't understand your position at all!
    Thanks for the reply. The only information I have is references 1) from previous landlord who may have been intimidated and 2) from her employer but she has left that job and no longer works there. so if she moves out without paying the rent and having damaged the property and my funiture , How can I chase her for what she owes me ? Unlikely that she leave me with her forwarding address if she moves out. she really is stealing the bread off my kids in dong that .. what school do these people graduate from ?
    I Really need some help please.
    see my original post on


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