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    check out inventory

    I assume it is best practice to do the check out inventory on the day of departure with the tenant present.

    However, if for some reason this is not possible, is there a time limit within which it must be done (must be, but what?) and what is the best practice to adopt when I am unable to do the check out on the day of departure? It's just that I have a funeral to attend on the day my tenant leaves and noone to take up the slack for me. I shall just about have time to go to the property, take the keys, lock up and go. She has a copy of the check in - shall I ask her to mark out what she notices before she leaves and then take it from there? I should add I took loads of pictures of the property with her in attendance, when she moved in. I don't really envisage any problems - she's been a fantastic tenant thus far.

    Thank you.

    You should try and do this as soon as possible after vacation so another day is not normally a problem.

    If your tenant didn't sign and date your original photos on the back as being accurate at the time of occupation you won't be able to use them as a basis for the check-out.

    The tenant has no legal right to be there at the check-out and no, you don't let her decide what she "notices". As you say she has been an excellent tenant then you might find you don't have a problem.
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