Rent - should we include the bills?

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    Rent - should we include the bills?


    Can you help, we are just in the process of finishing a conversion. We will be left with 4 x one bedroom self contained flats.

    The rent, assessed by an estate agent wil be approx £320 pcm for each.

    The problem is regarding the utility supplies:

    The whole development has 4 seperate electicity meters - not a problem.
    Gas - there is one supply, therefore all four central heatings are off meter
    Water - one supply, via Meter
    Council Tax - still under one address at the moment.

    Can anyone recommed the best couse of action. Should we leave things as is and add all the bills (exluding electricity) and include them in the rent?

    If we inform the council wil be be hit with 4 x the number of bills all at the same price?

    What are the pros and cons? Any other ideas?

    Ideally we would have put in seperate supplies for everything but we had issues with the polish builder therefore we are where we are.

    Thanks in advance for any advice

    Oh and the property is not classed as an HMO.


      Shared Services

      Shared services just result in lots of hastle.

      I'm afraid human nature takes over every time - if I'm not paying for it personally, then I don't care - I'll leave the heating on longer, I won't be frugal. Result - big bills and arguments.

      Believe me it's well worth paying out first to ensure that ALL services are separate and that all rents are exclusive - let the tenants pay for their own services direct to the suppliers - end of story.

      With gas meters it can be more of a problem, as the meter must be at the point of entry of the supply pipe. All you need to do is have the gas meters positioned in one convenient point in the building - perhaps a basement or communal lobby?


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