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    Agents - bless 'em!

    I have been very lucky for the last year or three, none of my tenants has wanted to move on, but inevitably notice is received eventually. Anyway, a tenant of mine who had been with me for five years gives me his notice as he needs to move on. I immediately contact my property agent in this town and ask them to get me another tenant. Oh dear - it's all change! New "partner" in charge of letting department, new lettings department staff so they have forgotton me, new everything! "Will you sign a new agreement please?"
    What's wrong with the one I signed last time?" e.t.c.
    Anyway, I dropped into their offices earlier today, having checked out my old tenant, with a set of keys. They reminded me about the new agreement: "O.K. type one off and I will sign it now." The agreement was produced and duly signed by them. Mindful of what is often posted here, I extracted my microscope and carefully examined all clauses of the agreement. Fortunately this was unnecessary as everything was totally clear and all but one clause was totally fair and reasonable, but one referred to a renewal charge of £95+VAT!! - A fair charge I suppose if you want the agent to renew but like many landlords, I don't. I carefully crossed out the clause and initialled it. The office secretary got worried - you can't do things like that!" She exclaimed. "Oh yes I can, you can forget any renewal procedures," I said.
    "I'll have to check with a partner" she squealed and ran out of the office.
    A few moments a suited gentleman appeared, shook my hand, smiled and said: "No problem, we'll waive that clause, pleasaure to be doing business with you."

    So just to let you know that even the poshest and snootiest of Estate/lettings agents can negociate sensibly, and if they can't, find another!

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