Is T obliged to report damp?

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    Peter: your last paragraph is wrong.
    You meant that, "If T refused L entry, then it could be agreed that T [not 'L'] accepted responsibility for any problems."
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      You are right. Thanks, I have made the change.


        Originally posted by pcwilkins View Post
        But supposing T says he didn't notice it? Supposing he says he noticed it but didn't realise it was a problem?

        I do understand what you are saying. It would be hard.

        No law case is every clear cut...2 sides to every storey. You can never 100% know that a judge will rule in your favour on any case that involves witness staements, let alone your scenario

        The pragmatic acid test would be to ask the tenant face to face (as a judge would) and see if you really believe him or not.

        I think agents and landlords need to read the riot act before any tenancy commences with regard to reporting faults. Give the tenant a check list...that sort of thing. Then there is no excuse.
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