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    Thanks guys.

    Where do I stand regarding council tax now? I bet council try to make me pay it rather than Mr Pimp. I read that it is not charged if the property is not able to be occupied by law, so I have filled in the form for exemption.

    Any thoughts?


      I am preparing to send in a N5 to the court at the end of this month. I see mention of N119 here and there on Landlordzone, but I am not clear what it is for. Is it just for rent arrears, or do I need to send in both forms whatever the grounds?


        In view of not being able to find any section 8 process guidance, I decided to wait the further month and use the section 21. I have applied to the court for possession.

        As you know my 'tenants' did a bunk back in February when plod came knocking. Presumably I can't assume they have surrendered the place, and will still need an order. Do I also need bailiffs, or can I just take possession myself when the order decrees?



          Flat is all nicely cleaned & renovated now, and up with an agent. (My friend made the mistake of showing it in progress, and the viewers are no longer interested.)

          One small problem was that my 'tenant' went off with the only mailbox key, so I have been collecting the mail by inserting my hand from outside. This is not ideal for tenants, so I just bought myself a lock pick kit and picked the lock easily this afternoon.

          Back in June I had the carpets cleaned and the cleaner left the new keys in my mailbox. (I heard them fall when I pulled out some junk mail the next week.)

          Imagine my surprise that the new keys are not in the box. My pimp tenant has nicked them!

          Now I have to change the locks again!


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