Central Heating boiler in Bedroom?

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    Central Heating boiler in Bedroom?

    Apologies for asking this question because I know I saw this in another post the other day but I cannot find the answer via the search button.

    What are the legal issues with having a boiler in a bedroom?
    I think I read that You can have a gas boiler in a (normal) bedroom provided it is an existing fitment but what you can't do is turn a room with a gas boiler in it into a bedroom?

    Did I dream this or does anyone know the regulations regarding this?
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    Quickly found this page..look towards the bottom of page; it suggests a boiler can be fitted in a bedroom, but the boiler must be a sealed unit.

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    You can search the forums here:


      As far as I am aware most modern boilers probably are of this type.


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