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    Checking overseas students credentials


    We are just entering the student letting market. We've had some interest in our property from an academic who is looking for accommodation on behalf of an overseas postgraduate student and her family. The academic has asked if the student can let the house but we would like to do credit checks and get references first. Does anyone have any experience of letting to overseas postgraduate students - and do they have any tips on how easy it is to credit check and get references for non EU nationals?



    yes I have a Greek postgrad student in my rental flat. He has been there 2 years & is contracted till this year end.

    His mother is a guarantor but I doubt I can pursue her through the UK courts in case of any problem. He pays 6 months in advance & I never hear a peep from him so both he & I are v happy.

    I think as long as they are here for a reason then there is no problem. He plans to stay & work in the UK so the last thing he wants is a court order against his name. Besides, paying in full for the contract is a real winner for me.

    Hope it helps


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