Deposit Protection: Court case won against Landlord

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    No. Shame on you for reviving a 3 years old thread with a throwaway account to attack OP for exercising not just their legal right, but going through the process designed by parliament to punish LL for failure to protect deposit correctly, precisely so they will protect the deposit correctly in the future.
    I am not a lawyer, nor am I licensed to provide any regulated advice. None of my posts should be treated as legal or financial advice.

    I do not answer questions through private messages which should be posted publicly on the forum.


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    • Reply to Economy 7 and a smart meter
      by NaomiB
      The tank we put in was super insulated, probably cost about £200 or more. I don't think it would heat the space around it.

      As a child I remember the galvanised hot water tank that was in the airing cupboard in the bathroom. Made it lovely and warm. Occasionally, it sprung a leak and...
      27-11-2021, 19:49 PM
    • Economy 7 and a smart meter
      by NaomiB
      I bought my tenant three new night storage heaters at the beginning of last year to replace the old ones.

      I have just taken back management of this flat and a couple of weeks ago she emailed me about them. I told her that this particular meter had the economy 7 coming on at 8am in the...
      23-11-2021, 21:24 PM
    • Reply to Economy 7 and a smart meter
      by JK0

      Go and sit in your airing cupboard, and see if it's any warmer than outside....
      27-11-2021, 17:42 PM
    • Reply to Economy 7 and a smart meter
      by Jon66
      Just an aside, if you tenant is in full time education she is probably not entitled to welfare benefits unless she has a disability. If she is in receipt of a student loan and is struggling, she should ask her college hardship fund for help. They are very good at assisting lone parents to ensure they...
      27-11-2021, 17:41 PM
    • Reply to Cant accept visitors with pets
      by Section20z
      Landlord is the relevant party and presumably knows his lease so as long as she has his consent there's no problem and it certainly won't affect any reference
      Just because 3 old biddies are worried about their cats doesn't mean they can dictate rules...
      27-11-2021, 17:31 PM
    • Cant accept visitors with pets
      by Katarzyna1984
      Hello everyone,

      I am new here and I hope someone will be able to answer my question and help me out. My sister lives in rented property (flat) and she asked her landlord for a permission to accommodate my other sister with two dog for Christmas period. Landlord said he is ok with it but...
      26-11-2021, 19:26 PM
    • Reply to Economy 7 and a smart meter
      by Section20z
      Water in the immersion tank will supplement the space heating ?
      How does that work then ?...
      27-11-2021, 17:25 PM
    • Reply to Freezing cold, outdated heating and draughty insulation
      by Canning18
      Heaters seem to have sorted themselves out by now. Insulation is the much bigger issue though.

      I've noticed a 1 by 4cm cutout in the drywall under the windowsill that lets in so much air it makes the curtains move by themselves.

      Similarly, there is a nearly 1 cm gap between...
      27-11-2021, 17:18 PM
    • Freezing cold, outdated heating and draughty insulation
      by Canning18
      Hi folks,

      I’ve been renting a flat through a housing association for a few years now but find my flat to be insanely freezing during the winter (it never bothered me too much before Covid as I was away with work a lot). Last year was the first year I was around all winter and I’ve ended...
      26-11-2021, 10:44 AM
    • Reply to Economy 7 and a smart meter
      by NaomiB
      Update. Got this reply "All the advice you have given is very much appreciated but they are things that i have already done at one point or another over the past 7 years. The new heaters are set to that youtube video anyway and i have sent them all to the electrician and he says they are correct....
      27-11-2021, 17:09 PM