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    tenancy rights.no contract

    i originally signed a six month contract with the landlord. since then though the contract has not been renewed, i have stayed on for six years paying rent regularly including the agreeing to the rent increase. but i do not have a written contract. what are my rights?
    unfortunately, the flat is in dire need of repairs and despite regular inspection three monthly, and assurances things will get done, nothing happens. what are my rights ..what should i be doing? as a loyal tenant i fel let down and being busy have not had the time to chase them regularly as nothing happens. in the seven years , only the lounge was painted once, the tiles have fallen off in the kitchen..the electric sockets a hazard..neighbours are complaining about the roofing. please help. do i legally have grounds or rights to stop the rent until the repairs if justifiable are sorted? it does seem i am being taken for a ride.
    is there any agency i can approach?

    You DO have a tenancy agreement, Your original agreement is still valid, just outside of the fixed term.

    All the terms and conditions of that agreement STILL apply.

    I would send a polite letter to your LL, keep a copy and list all of the things that need doing. Don't get silly with it, just list the major points and ask him for a reply.

    If any items need doing urgently ( sockets etc ) then advice him of this.

    Have you had a Gas Saftey cert completed each year?


      Well I too was also in a similar situation more or less and by the look of things it appears to me the landlord wont pay heed to a polite letter. Now you have that added advantage of the agreement which are of course valid till now so you have every right to take a drastic step against your landlord as circumstances compel you to do the same. Its better to waste some time behind this rather than wasting a lot more over the time. He is bound to give the basic amenities and if he cant it is problems for him. I would suggest you to take the help of a lawyer for this case.
      are my favorite


        The LL can only put up rent once a year.
        To give you notice, he must give you a minimun 2 months notice, to expire after the last day of your rent period.
        He must make sure that the premesis are safe. He has statutory obligations to have the structure, services, heating and hot water maintained. Provide a gas safety cert every 12 months. Keep the property in condition that is free from hazards under the Housing Health & Safety Rating System (HHSRS).

        If essential systems like heating, are not fixed by him, there is a protocol you can follow to allow you to withold rent to pay for the work yourself.

        You can ask your local council to inspect your property and they can ask or order the LL to bring it up to standard. He may give you notice to leave in retaliation if you go behind his back. But at least the next tenant will benefit...if thats any consolation!! If he does give you notice..check with Citizens Advice that he has done it correctly. You can stay longer if he has, as he will need to serve you notice all over again.
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