Key for French door - is landlord obliged to provide it.

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    Getting back to the original question.

    HMO's require Fire Risk Assessments no matter whether they require licences or not. I cannot imagine an FRA not picking up on a possible escape route being locked with no means of opening. All exit doors should be on thumbturns anyway not keys. Contact the landlord and request a key be provided or lock changed as this is a fire escape route. If he refuses threaten with contacting the council and see if it prompts action.


      Originally posted by jpkeates View Post
      Most people would not believe what students put down toilets and sinks.
      Kitchen roll and A4 paper is a favourite student toilet blocker.

      Male students particularly have issues with a shared facility that is no one's specific responsibility to clean or maintain.
      I don't know is the answer, but have seen the 'bathroom' it's a weird set up and it looks like it was put together on the cheap with a tiny wash basin directly above the toilet.
      Maybe the connection to the drainage has been badly set up. The jury is out. I suppose if the landlord can show it's their fault ...


        Originally posted by Worn and torn View Post

        When they requested the key in the Autumn the landlord said he would look for one.
        Therefore the Landlord has agreed that the doors should be able to be opened, as " He will look for a key"
        Your son is entitled to open the door, as the landlord has agreed, it needs a key and he will supply a key.

        Therefore, if a key or replacement lock is not fitted by 15th March, your son can get someone in to replace the lock and supply a key which the landlord has agreed to "look and supply )
        If Failure for the landlord to supply a key or pay for a replacement lock and keys, your son, on the 15th, writes and states that as the landlord has agreed the door needs a key and son is at liberty to open said door/s, that he will get tradesmen in to fix the lock and take it out of next months rent.

        Always inform landlord in this way, as proof the landlord has refused to fix the lock in a "Timely manner" ( would then be about 7 months he refused to fix the lock )

        But up to you what you advise your son., but your son is in the right.


          wow, when i spotted this post i thought it would be a couple of replies saying..... yes, he should provide a key or a new barrel as its just that, a cheap thing to do and it would be a nice !!! Jesus, where has all that xmas spirit gone, the lad just wants a bit of fresh air in the summer months.... if i were the landlord i would not take a second thought to either find the key or spend less than a £10 note and change the cylinder.


            Originally posted by Hudson01 View Post
            wow, when i spotted this post i thought it would be a couple of replies saying..... yes, .
            Yes, but HMO's were thrown in, H+S thrown in, Fire regs thrown in, Blocked toilets thrown in.

            Should keep to the original question ( if possible ).



              Bringing up the fact it is an HMO and that there is a possible breach of fire regs is extremely valid and is in keeping with the original question.



                Fire regs may be relevant, but the answer is Yes, you need what you were promised when you view a flat, you see French doors and assume the doors open.
                You see a cooker and assume the door opens.
                he was promised a key but none arrived, therefore letter to landlord as described in post 18 will suffice.


                  IMO nothing to stop the occupant of the room calling in a locksmith to provide a new key or change the lock, possibly just a change of the barrel, provided T replaces orig lock before moving. Of course the doors may be faulty and should not be opened.
                  No one need know about lock change, provided orig lock replaced at end of T, so no LL aggravation, for min cost?


                    I know it is easy to change a lock if you have the key. But pretty difficult if the door is locked shut. I'd imagine it would take damage to the door or frame. I suppose some types of lock might be easily drilled or picked by a locksmith.


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                      Even if you were my opinion would stay the same, i think that given it is a converted house the noise isolation and other issues are not the same as separate purpose built flats, so having one as a rental will have far more of an impact upon the other owners who live there. It really is a one way street...
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                      I suspect he is a professional scammer, i do not believe anyone can be such a wimp as to be running scared over a few spiders etc, he may be doing this to simply be paid off to leave the tenancy etc. I would engage a solicitor given he will try all he can to get money out of you, offer to end the tenancy...
                      24-07-2021, 12:55 PM
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                      Thank you for your thoughts on this. I'll appreciate others' input as well. Incidentally I'm not the seller in this issue.
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