Homeserve, local tradesmen or other? East Finchley area

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    Homeserve, local tradesmen or other? East Finchley area


    I was goign to get homeserve coverage for electric and water for a studio in East Finchley.

    But the more i read about Homeserve, the more i think it better to fidn a local electrician and plumber for future repairs.

    1) is there another way or another provider of electricity and plumbing cover?

    20 Failing 2), does anyone know of a good plumber and electrician in the East Finchley area?

    Thank you.

    Local tradesmen every time.

    Even if the particular service you mention does the job, that will only be an emergency job
    and you will want a proper consistent tradesman
    that you know and trust
    of your own choice
    afterwards anyway


      Good local tradesmen every time.

      If you are a member of the Consumers' Association, you can get recommendations via Which? Local, or Trusted Traders. Or ask the neighbours.


        I used Homeserv last year because they were cheap and did the gas inspection. We had an issue and the first engineer they sent out made lots of mistakes so it took a few weeks to resolve.

        Eventually they sent a new company out and they were excellent. Offered temporary heater while the parts came in on am old ish boiler.

        The service seems to be what ever company they subcontact to. As they messed my tenant around and I asked for any compensation due to the bad service be paid to them,

        My tenant got over 200 quid to say sorry for the mistakes that were made and to cover there time off work.

        This year they put the price up through the roof so have gone with British gas who called when they did the inspection to tell me they would not be able to get parts for this boiler. Home Serv had no issues getting the parts when they were needed and so I dread having a boiler issue now.


          Originally posted by AndrewDod View Post
          Local tradesmen every time.
          Totally agree. There might be a sort-of hybrid Homeserve-local trader option available, where you can take out a service contract with a local company, if they offer it and if that's what you want. I have such a contract on one property to cover the boiler and annual gas check. It certainly provides peace of mind, but it does cost more - over the years the company is significantly in profit from me! It's only really superstition which stops me from cancelling it...


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