Tenant has no credit refs.- should I trust him?

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    Tenant has no credit refs.- should I trust him?

    Hi all,
    We have recently bought a house on a B2L.

    We have found some tenants to go into the property. 2 adults and 2 children.
    He states that he is 'self employed' but I have my doubts as he has no books or no accountant.
    She is not working, but she gets a carers allowance for 1 of the children.
    They have recently sold their house and say they are waiting to buy again and want to rent for 6 months before they look around for a new property.
    I have run a credit check on him which all seems to be in order, and am waiting for a character reference back from a 'professional' person.
    Should I run a check on her also?
    Do I have to put both of them on the AST because the one I have only really allows for 1, and if so is there some specific thing I should write or just add her into the AST underneath his details?

    Would anyone have any worries about the fact that he keeps no books or has no accountant? Is there any way of checking if this guy is actually unemployed, because I have my suspicions, (he's always in when I've called at their house at varying times of the day) or am I just being too cautious?
    Ambition is Critical

    I don't profess to be a knowledge in all areas, my advice is based on life experience.

    Wouldn't touch with bargepole unless you gave them six month contract and they paid the whole six months up front.

    All people over 18 to go on contract, all to be credit checked.

    No decent self employed person operates without an accountant and without books.


      references ? maybe ask for sight of bank statements to demonstrate solvency and cash flow ? if they were property owners did they have the mortgage and can they prove that they met those payments regularly ?

      Don't think you can ever be too cautious - not with a first time BTL.


        Ambition is Critical

        I don't profess to be a knowledge in all areas, my advice is based on life experience.


          If it feels dodgy it probably is, and this feels dodgy.
          Don't touch.



            I agree it sounds fishy.

            As for bank statements you should ask to see both business and personal statements. Remember he could be borrowing these business statements from a mate. Also ask for a passport to prove the guy is who he says he is.

            If you are in an area where it is easy to let you would probably be better off taking someone with a regular job.


              cheers guys will take all the above advice.
              Ambition is Critical

              I don't profess to be a knowledge in all areas, my advice is based on life experience.


                Well he sounds like me. I do the books myself (dumped the accountant years ago) so showing them would be worthless.

                I got round it by paying six months upfront. Thereafter paid monthly.

                Didn't have mortgage statements either as that was paid off years ago.

                What they did ask for was a reference from my solicitor, who was selling the house, which I was happy to give.

                I am a model tenant. Never paid late, never any adverse comments from inspections, all deposit returned, stayed a long time ...

                Oh and I'm always home, that's where the computer is.

                So it isn't necessarily dodgy. I guess this is where you use your gut feel!


                  Some Good Points raised here Ruth Less. (although he states he's a builder so can't imagine he's gonna stay at home working, it has been raining though)
                  Ambition is Critical

                  I don't profess to be a knowledge in all areas, my advice is based on life experience.


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