Possession granted - No warrant of possession on PCOL

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    Possession granted - No warrant of possession on PCOL


    Many thanks in advance for all your advice.

    I was given possession of my property on the 3rd December 2015 at Bow County Court. The tenant was in 4 months' arrears and a sum of £7200 was lawfully due.

    The hearing went perfectly, and the tenants were given 14 days by which to leave. Unfortunately the tenant has not left, and all correspondence sent to him was ignored. I understand, from reading all other posts relating to possession is I should not go to the property until the tenant has informed me of his leaving.

    I also realise the next step is for me to apply for County Court Bailiffs/ warrant of possession. Unfortunately I don't see that option on my PCOL system, and everytime I've tried to call Bow County court the phone rings, and rings, and no one bothers picking up. I've also emailed them and got no response, this may be due to the holiday period.

    Can anyone advise me on what steps to take next, with regards to me applying for bailiffs, and any other measures I can take with say visiting the property and trying to forward eviction with High Court Bailiffs.

    I have made contact with one High Court Bailiff, namely the 'Sheriffs Office', and they've said I have to give them the possession papers, but nothing was provided to me in that respect by the courts, so any advice on that is helpful as well.

    I look forward to your responses, and many thanks again in advance.

    There is a "sticky" at the top of the page in regards to HCEO's. I have never used them, so can't advise you.
    In regards to the County Court bailiffs, you need to fill out the N325 court form, and enclose a cheque for £110.00
    Allow tenants to protect their own deposits. I want free money when they do it wrong


      Many of my 14 day possessions don't show on PCoL after the desired period. The problem is that it's not an automated process. The PCoL clerk needs to have the order physically typed up before it can be enabled. Having a possession order typed within 14 days is a bit like expecting to spend Christmas day at the Vatican with Mr and Mrs Pope and their kids. It just doesn't happen.
      It's also a lousy time of year to seek a possession order. Not because it's an unfestive thing to do (the tenants didn't pay the rest of the year so what's different about this month), it's just that the court staff are hammered on mulled wine for the month. I had a couple of hearings this morning and the clerks office was pretty much empty. Not that it's ever a bustling hive of activity!!
      Keep phoning until you wear them down.
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