Form N5b and Deposit Protection

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    Form N5b and Deposit Protection


    I tried a search on the forum but couldn't find anything addressing this, so forgive me if it's already been answered in another post.

    I entered into a tenancy agreement in 2009 and was paid a deposit of £1200. I failed to protect the same at the time, so this year in October I returned the deposit money to the Tenant in full and had him sign a statement to that effect. I then served the Tenant with a s.21 notice which expired in November and I now wish to submit the claim for possession on form N5b. However I'm slightly confused about Q.7 (a) - (b) on form N5b:

    "7. The following section must be completed in all cases

    (a) was a money deposit received on or after 6 April 2007? Yes No
    (b) Did the claimant receive a deposit in the form of property on or after 6 April 2007? Yes No

    If Yes, at the date of service of the section 21 Notice that property had been returned to
    the person from whom it was received."

    For (a) would I tick 'Yes' as a deposit was given and then provide a statement from me explaining that the deposit has been returned attaching a copy of the letter where the tenant confirms receipt of the deposit?.

    at (b) does 'form of property' mean non-money?. If that's the case no property was ever given to me. So I should tick no?

    You are correct in your assumptions. Just a brief statement and copy of tenant's acceptance will be fine.

    Best of luck with that!

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      Thank you so much!


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