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    Limited company bill payment

    After seeing a lot of talk about using a ltd co to let properties, I have a lot of questions about how things are run different to private individual administrations.

    I am interested for anyone's experience of bill paying through a ltd company so that they can be allowed as company expense.

    If you let a house with bills included, are there any issues with registering the ltd company as the bill payer?

    If you wish to pay utilities, what information do you need to provide to the utility company? Is there a problem with the bill payer address being different from the property address?

    How about paying council tax? Can you just give the company name and address to the council and get bills sent to your office instead of the house?

    Do you need to give directors name and address to register for bills or council tax paid by ltd co and can they claim bills against the director of the company?


    In short you'd have a company bank account and pay bills from that by cheque, bacs or direct debit. Bills would be addressed to your company. As a company you would have a registered address and as owner of that company you would be credit checked prior to having the bank account.

    All easy, honest stuff really.

    Freedom at the point of zero............


      Sounds like you are about to tie yourself in knots.

      You want to "Let" a house with all bills included
      See the heating, fires and hot water taps constantly on as YOU pay the bills.

      A Company does not pay council tax on a residential home.
      The occupant does.

      Also sounds like you are a student on a course and have been asked "What if" as a project ?


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