is there a fixed contract in place?

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    That is correct,
    and that is the "if".
    Did they ask your permission to re-advertise it? If they are asserting there is an ongoing tenancy, then they probably should have.


      initially they wrote to us saying as a gesture of goodwill they would readvertise the house to try and get another tenant quickly. we simply responded to say we didnt believe we were in a fixed agreement. then they came back asking us if we wanted them to advertise it ... we haven't instructed them to, they just went ahead and did it of their own accord.


        Originally posted by jjlandlord View Post
        Are you being serious?
        Yes - don't be passive.
        Do everything to disturb the other side that you can.

        They're usually a bunch of robots with no sense of consequence anyway.
        When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
        Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


          Originally posted by jpkeates View Post
          Yes - don't be passive.
          Do everything to disturb the other side that you can.

          They're usually a bunch of robots with no sense of consequence anyway.
          thank you - no need for harsh replies!
          we have raised the dispute with TDS today , will also write to ARLA - regardless of the dispute outcome the agent are still acting outside of their code of practise. the whole thing has been a disaster.

          our feeling is that theres either a written AST or there isn't, and where there is a written AST it should be signed. we agreed to pay the landlord the extra rent he asked for because we didnt want to lose the house, but to say we agreed to the rest of the terms when we wrote to the agent saying we didnt is just unreasonable and unfair.

          watch this space!


            sorry to bring this up again

            we've raised a dispute with TDS as the agent have refused to complete a check out process until a new tenant applies, obviously we are waiting on the outcome of that

            when raising the dispute we noticed the agent had signed into the TDS website on the date we served notice[!] and made changes to the term on the certificate. so from June 15 when the original tenancy expired to october 15 when we served notice, there was no deposit protection... and when we served notice and they realised they had made a mistake, they rushed onto the system and changed the date to June 2016?

            This just all seems ridiculous. These guys have been playing the system throughout. We'll see what happens...


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            • Reply to Resident landlord or AST?
              by tenoutoftenant
              Thanks again jpkeates, again that makes sense. I presented this to the tenant and they came back with a question, which I don't have a good answer to. I wondered if I could post it here. If the tenant informs the landlord that they probably have an AST, and ask for the deposit to be protected, and the...
              17-05-2022, 08:30 AM
            • Resident landlord or AST?
              by tenoutoftenant
              Hello, I wondered if anyone experienced could please advise on this scenario:

              A landlord lets out a self-containted attic room in a converted garage – which is separate and detached from their house – to a tenant. It has its own front door, so the tenant can only access the part of...
              04-05-2022, 16:16 PM
            • Reply to Car park underletting
              by jpkeates
              Is that what it actually says, because that's badly written for a legal agreement?

              "the lessee of occupier of the other parking space" makes no sense at all.
              17-05-2022, 08:23 AM
            • Car park underletting
              by Neil2011
              Dear all,

              A non resident leaseholder (renting his property out) is under the impression that he can let anyone (including non residents and those not associated with any residents or the property ) use his car parking space paid or unpaid. The management company of which I am chairman disagree....
              17-05-2022, 08:16 AM
            • Reply to evicting a DSS lodger, do I need a court order to do so?
              by jpkeates
              If she's a lodger, you don't need a court order.

              If she has exclusive access to somewhere, like a room that you are not allowed to enter, she isn't actually a lodger.

              If she is a lodger, and your notice has expired, you can lock her out (change the locks) or use reasonable...
              17-05-2022, 08:19 AM
            • evicting a DSS lodger, do I need a court order to do so?
              by Amazin
              she's been living with me for the past 2 years (we share the living space etc) but she keeps bring strangers back and stay here overnight on a regular basis. Having her living here is like having a couple. Before she moved in, she signed agreement that she need to ask my permission for having guests...
              17-05-2022, 08:08 AM
            • Reply to Sleeping joint landlord?
              by casual_reader
              Thanks, Mrs Mug, I did think as much but was just thrown by responses to another thread. Yes, it's just Person A's name on the contract. And it's obviously a matter for the relationship between the two owners that one has delegated anything relating to this property to the other....
              17-05-2022, 08:11 AM
            • Sleeping joint landlord?
              by casual_reader
              Person A and Person B, two siblings, are unmortgaged owners of a freehold property as tenants-in-common.

              Person A has permission from Person B to let the property. The tenants sign an agreement with Person A, to whom they pay rent. Person A also addresses all maintenance issues. The contract...
              16-05-2022, 06:34 AM
            • Reply to Statutory declaration DPS
              by jpkeates
              The form needs to be signed by a solicitor (or notary) who’s checked your identity. But that’s it, from memory.
              17-05-2022, 07:27 AM
            • Statutory declaration DPS
              by Lash
              Does anyone have experience with DPS stat declaration? When returning the statutory declaration from to DPS is it just literally the form I am returning? Or, do I also send additional information at that time too? Many thanks...
              17-05-2022, 07:17 AM