F*@^ing fuming I am! All landlords & agents please read!

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    On the Editor's last post, I would just say it is best just to say you are serving notice under Section 21, and not to be any more detailed than that.
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        Originally posted by Editor View Post
        Some landlords serve this notice just AFTER the tenancy is signed, which means possession can be sought immediately after the fixed term expires.
        Which is, IMHO, throwing the baby out with the bathwater. I mean that it isn't the best way to keep good tenants. I know it's pants for greengriff to have lost like this but surely if a landlord wants to carry on letting then they need to keep the good tenants just as much has they need to evict the bad ones. Speaking as a good tenant I would not be able to settle in when I've been given notice indicating I've most likely got only six months in the property. I wouldn't even bother unpacking and would be pretty miffed in probably having to move again and in having that uncertainty hanging around.


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