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    Transfer a CCJ

    I have heard of people selling the CCJ to debt collectors, the CCJ was for unpaid rent on an individual

    In my case how can the CCJ ownership ( creditor) be transferred to a relative ?

    I need to do this as the current owner is too ill and aged to deal with the matter to persue it further.

    Do you have to contact the court and is there a deed of some kind involved, help much appreciated.

    CCJs acquired from the likes of water and utility companies, telecoms providers and similar traders where the debtor has been taken to court by them and got a judgement are often sold en masse to debt collecting companies - and sometimes more than one company. These companies then try to extract cash from the debtor.

    Your relative would be best instructing a company to collect of his behalf. Most want a % of the debt recovered.
    Are you sure the debtor has funds to pay up? I've never heard of a person selling a debt to a relative - maybe someone else has more info?

    Freedom at the point of zero............


      A judgement debt can be assigned by deed. There seem to be precedents available on line for a fee, but I would not go for them as they may be overpriced and/or unreliable. If you have a good local reference library ask if they have the Encyclopedia of Forms and Precedents. Look up Assignment and/or judgement debt in the index volume or find the volume with the section on "Choses in Action".



        The debtor has started a restaurant and registered it as a limited company, with himself as the director and secretary
        The plan is to call the debtor to court to get an "order to obtain further information" which used to be called 'oral examination'.
        When the facts are known then payment can be persued with apropiate action/s

        I asked how to transfer the ownership of the CCJ (for a nominal amount), so that i can take over the enforcement attending court as required


          You say "current owner is too ill and aged"

          Then you get the owner to have you act as his agent for the purpose of debt recovery,. cleaning the windows of the premises, liasion with the managing company... or what ever.
          In the same way the owner would emply an agent to collect rent every month.

          The owner can write a letter authorising you to, on the owners behalf, act on the owners behalf in collecting the debt. ( or collect the rent, instead of a managing agent ) No need to buy the debt.


            yes ram, we are doing all that currently. I was also wondering about the business, wether the ccj could be enforced on it too, as the debtor must have had money to put into it.
            I also suspect he has property,and hidden bank accounts, thats why i was considering the oral exam


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