New landlord (shop/flat)- where do I register?

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  • pippay
    Yes ... find out as much as you can about the legal rights, duties and obligations, the do's, the don'ts, the can's and can'ts, ways of finding the best tenant, the holding of the deposit, even how to evict a tenant legally BEFORE you even consider advertising for a tenant.

    All of this is a must as many aspects are covered by legislation .. break that and you could find the advantages of being a LL soon outweighed by the problems you may incur !

    One of the best ways is to read up on Tenant's rights first to see how restrictive your rights as a LL can be, and then look at LL rights, obligations etc. Shelter website is a good place to start for both which will give you a good insight, as well as searching this forum for past questions and answers on virtually every aspect of being a LL.

    As for registering as a LL - who told you that as I've never heard of it before ?

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  • PatW
    started a topic New landlord (shop/flat)- where do I register?

    New landlord (shop/flat)- where do I register?

    Hiya Everyone, this is my 1st post and its a big one.

    I have just started renting a shop with a flat above but have no use for it, I have been told i need to register as a landlord but am not sure how to.

    Does anyone have any pointers or advice for me.

    Thank You


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