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    Lifespan of flooring


    We moved in to a property where the parquet flooring appeared quite old and worn in places. In addition, some workmen he sent round caused some deep scratches in the flooring so it wasnt in the best condition. When he came round to inspect the damage casued by the workmen he said "Not to worry, it really needs redoing anyway. Has done for a while".

    The checkout report has now stated that the floor has numerous high heel marks and the landlord should seek compensation.

    Just wondering what he can claim for? Full cost of redoing the floor? He is looking at quotes to have the whole flooring sanded and redone and wants us to pay for it.

    We've moved out now and he is selling the house. We let dozens of people come round to look at the place while we were still there. We believe some of this damage was caused by the viewers although clearly we cant prove this.

    Many thanks

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    Your landlord can not charge you for fair wear of the flooring.
    The matter will rest on what your in going inventory said about the floor?


      I dont think the damage is fair wear and tear though is it?

      I can see that we should compensate but he seems to think we should pay for the full cost of repair when this would make the floor in a significantly better state of repair than when we moved in.

      The check-in noted that there were patches where the varnish was worn off and some light scratching.

      Also, the marks made by his workmen, that was just verbally agreed by us, so i guess we are liable for that too?

      I just want to be able to go back to him and say something like "legally you cant charge us the full amount for repair due to the fact that the flooring was old and worn anyway. How about we split the cost x%/y%"

      Would I be right in saying this?



        what kind fo flooring gets damaged by high heels?

        I assume the workmen weren't wearing high heels

        only a scrooge woudl charge a tenant for flooring. it's fair wear and tear.


          Its parquet flooring. There are noticable heel marks in the hall. I had this happen in a previous flat so my flatmate agreed not to wear heels in the house but maybe she did anyway. The tons of viewings probably didnt help either.

          I dont mind paying fair compensation, I just dont want to pay for a whole new floor I'm pretty sure needed doing anyway.

          The damage the workmen did was large deep scratches by dragging a heavy piece of furniture across the floor instead of lifting it.


            Originally posted by sebb View Post

            I just want to be able to go back to him and say something like "legally you cant charge us the full amount for repair due to the fact that the flooring was old and worn anyway. How about we split the cost x%/y%"

            Would I be right in saying this?
            Do that. Although I would keep your percentage on the low side.

            The landlord can not charge for any form of betterment.


              Does it work like that though?

              If the only way to repair the damage is to re-do the floor, even if this does make it better than it already was? I would expect this to be his argument back as it was my first thought.

              I guess the only way to know is to try it and see what he says. Is there any guidence around which would help me determine the fair apportionment?

              I've heard the useful lifespan of a carpet is up to 10 years. Is there guidance on other types of flooring?

              I want to be fair to everyone concerned.


                Yes, this is the way it should work.
                The landlord is right to claim for any damage, deyond fair ware, Nothing else.

                He can not claim the full cost of new flooring, if say, the flooring is 20 yrs old, as this would be betterment.


                  ARLA provide good information on what constitutes fair wear and tear and has some approx general calculations that can be used.



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