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    Rent protection confusion

    I'm looking for a little more help from you experts if you don't mind.

    My flat in Central London has now been prepared for rental, given to agents ( tenant find only basis ) and they've got a couple ready to sign. The agents are credit checking/referencing. I reckon it'll be one to two weeks before they're in/lease signed so I start looking for rent protection/legal insurance packages.

    Letsure quoted £699 based on rent level. plus £85 legal. Landlord Care quoted £ 150 for both rent and legal without asking rent level. The girl at Homelet didn't really know what the policies covered, but from talking to her Homelet have to do the referencing first, it's a package. Maras I'll call tomorrow but their website said I have to go through my agent ( if they are affiliated ) and 'once the tenants app for your prop has been approved, you will receive a guarantee & legal expenses quote from Maras'. So I don't know the cost till the tenants are in ? plus I think Maras will want to reference themselves.

    So I'm confused. I thought the premiums would be similar but I've already got £784 ( Letsure ) vs £150 ( Landlord Care ). Are Landlord Care any good ? Has anyone here used them on rent & legal ? Plus others need to reference tenants themselves in order to offer rent insurance - but I'm already paying the agents ( Dauntons Soar ) to do that. Maybe I should just get it done twice but am worried that'll delay the tenancy start date.

    Anyway, thoroughally confused here and would appreciate any suggestions or hard gained insight. Thanks.

    Read the terms and conditions and you will probably find that the difference in quotes is due to a difference in cover.



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