Better to let whole house or room-by-room?

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    Originally posted by attilathelandlord View Post
    Yes I have come across this assumption before.

    Please note that planning permission required to alter a house to say bedsits has got NOTHING to do with HMO definition as defined by the Housing Act 2004.

    If for example a landlord sticks up a few internal walls to make a large house into say 5 bedsits, then it may well require planning permission and will be an HMO.

    If a landlord decides to let out rooms on an individual basis, WITHOUT changing any of the layout, then by the Housing Act 2004 it is an HMO but DOESN'T require planning permission. Although it will possibly be licenceable and therefore require some works.

    It's the same with council tax, the definition of HMO for council tax is different from HMO definition under the Housing Act 2004.
    How can this be! Two different definitions of an HMO from the same Council but different departments! Just when I thought I had it clarified that I wasn't in an HMO because there are only two people living in a shared facility house, according to 2004 Housing Act. You mean the Council Tax dept could class an HMO with 2 tenants as not an HMO?


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