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    Landlord not doing repairs...

    Hi all,
    ive been in my rental property for 2yrs now and the contract i believe is now rolling over monthly.
    My landlord lives in Cyprus and in the past has been difficult to get hold of, I go through my letting agent and they chase him up if anything needs doing. There are 8 flats in this old building and he owns 5 of them...
    So since I moved in I reported that the heating and hot water controls were broken, the timer doesnt work, then little prongs are snapped off so you cant set a timer, its either on or off which is very annoying as I cant set it for an hour before you get up for example in the winter... I have reported this several times throughout the 2yrs i have been here and its never been fixed so ive made do.
    About 6 months ago I was told by the guy living downstairs I must have a water leak somewhere as there is water trickling down the wall outside making damp problems in his flat, my water tank in my bedroom for the boiler drips constantly so i linked the 2 and I called the letting agent, a repair man came out and changed the float ball in my heater tank and off they went. Literally the day after the tank was dripping again and water still going down the outside wall... Now I have called approximately 8 times now in the past 6 months and still not had another repair man out. This is not only affecting the flat downstairs but it is bothering me as it is very annoying trying to sleep with a drip drip drip going on and also it is probably costing me a bath a day in water!!
    The next thing is that my bath was never sealed properly, the bath is too far from the wall and sealant just falls through the gap. Builders doing up the flat next door showed me the joining wall is black with mould probably because of the fact my bath isnt sealed! I called the letting agent must be 6 weeks ago now.. still no maintenance man.
    The last thing is that my windows are all single glazed windows that you have to open every now and again to air them out as they get condensation... I opened the window in my 2yr old daughters room about 3-4 weeks ago, left it open and come night time it wouldnt shut, the window was so swollen, i tried to slam it shut but the handle became loose. I called the letting agent next day as this is very dangerous, this is my 2yr old daughters room and the window wont shut, we are on the 1st floor so she could in fact climb out and kill herself!! Not to mention the fact it is cold in there!!
    I have rang about 3 times and each time am told they have done their bit and contacted the maintenance team.

    This building is in the process of being sold, Sold signs have gone up but not been told any info about if it is sold or just going through of what.. I presume the landlord is putting off repairs while the sale is going through...
    I told the letting agent about a week and a half ago that if it wasnt sorted in a week then I will withold the rent until it is done as this isnt acceptable.
    I still have no repair man. I am sick of phoning...
    I was supposed to pay my rent on the 1st, I thought i i dont pay it I will get them to call me and can negotiate, no-one has called me!! I doubt they have even noticed.

    So what am i supposed to do?! The letting agent is emailing but no-one is acting because they dont want to basically.
    I have no contact details for the landlord as he is abroad and all my paperwork says to write to my letting agent...
    Any help would be appreciated.

    My apologies, but you do not legally have the right to withhold rent.

    Take a look at this...

    You can take action, but you must follow the process accordingly. Bear in mind this is a Shelter URL and Shelter is very pro-Tenant and even they say that - "You do not have the right to withhold rent if your landlord won't carry out repairs." - so please be very careful about using that threat with the Agent / Landlord.

    I don't know what your personal circumstances are... but in this kind of long-running unacceptable situation I would be giving serious consideration to moving.


      ok thank you.
      I have the money sitting in my account, im more than willing to pay my rent just im trying to get attention as im so sick of calling and getting fobbed off, im just totally in despairto be honest not knowing what to do.
      will have a read of the link


        Originally posted by Shelly24 View Post
        will have a read of the link
        Good. You may need to start writing actual letters... very 90s, I know... but that's the way to progress if you want to initiate your own repairs and deduct the money for those repairs from your rent, which is the eventual outcome of the link.


          is there any way of me getting compensation for the fact i have had 6 months of dripping water which is obviously costing me?


            You probably need to leave, the landlord (and agent) are simply incompetent and aren't going to improve.

            You can contact the council's tenancy relations officer if you think the property is unsafe or unhygienic.
            They can order the landlord to correct issues (if you're in Scotland, they can do more).

            If you follow the Shelter procedure you don't withhold rent, you divert part of the rent to pay for necessary repairs, which is very different.
            If you do not pay your rent, you are in breach of contract (however unfair that seems) and can be evicted (and assigned the legal costs associated with that).

            You can try and defend eviction on the grounds of disrepair, but you end up in the weird position of fighting to stay in a property that isn't appropriate to live in.
            Landlords will often try and justify the property's state on a lower than market rent (so the state of the property is compensated for by an effective discount).

            But there's no point paying rent for a crappy place to live.
            When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
            Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


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