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    Tenants wants and needs

    I have a young couple renting my 2 bed terraced little house with back garden.

    They're on a 6 month AST. They seem to be good tenants.

    He has just been on the phone upset after having had his 3rd bike stolen from the back garden wondering if I would put up a fence.

    He says 'this is the third time I've had my bike stolen, even though it's chained up, the neighbours garden is fenced off, they never have any trouble'.

    My first thoughts were, 'store it in the house, for pitys sake!!'. But he's explained politely and passionately that he would very much appreciate my help, I explained I'm in the process of buying another house and funds are tight... But, I'm eager to not upset a happy tenant, and for them to think good of me and consequently for them not to feel that they have to leave the house, where they WERE happy.

    I wondered if people have found themselves in similair situations, what have you done? What would you advise?

    Thanks for reading.

    kind regards


    I think you have answered the problem yourself.

    I wonder how the tenant has managed to have three bikes stolen in such a short space of time and is so anti the idea of storing the bike in the house.

    It may just be that the tenants would like a fence for their garden. It is these sorts of quandries that send Landlords to agents like us. We are considered the nasty type so refusing tenant requests is nothing new.

    If the tenant is desparate and money is tight you could suggest an agreement to split the costs and keep both parties happy.

    Alternatively point out that the property is taken as seen at the time of the viewing. A fair point but one that may well see your tenants leaving soon.

    The answer is to agree to whatever you are comfortable with and not to be coerced into spending money for no reason.

    Good Luck
    For the avoidance of doubt, I am not a solicitor nor a specialist. I have simply spent many years in the business and am expressing my opinions. I would urge caution to any individual using these forums as a sole basis for decision without first speaking to a solicitor.


      1. There is no obligation whatsoever on a landord to fence a garden.
      2. You should not offer to "split" the costs, you will be involving yourself in a responsibility that you should avoid, except when absolutely necessary and make sure the input is minimal; if the tenant wants to erect one then ask him to provide you with the name of the contractor he wants to use, and make sure they have a decent reputation, and that the specification shows it to be a solid job, and that you have seen a copy. Then you might want to give the tenant the go ahead, but warn him that if workmanship is sub-standard then you retain the right to have it rectified at the tenant's expense. You should put all this in writing.
      3. If the tenant has had three bikes stolen it isn't your problem so don't get involved.
      The advice I give should not be construed as a definitive answer, and is without prejudice or liability. You are advised to consult a specialist solicitor or other person of equal legal standing.


        Paul F maybe correct but a few points.

        1) I would hate to store my bike in the house, it creates a mess and is dirty. I like my house clean and tidy.
        2) whilst the LL has no obligation to fence the property by doing so it would please the current tenant, help re-rent the property in the future and improve the sale price of the property.

        If teh tenant wants to pay towards this, then let him.



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