Bathroom flood

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    Bathroom flood

    Hi , yesterday my friends tenant decided to forget to turn off taps causing a lot of damage to the house

    Bath floor needs replacing
    Kitchen units below have been wrecked
    Ceiling to kitchen needs replacing
    Boiler needs looking at estimate from
    builder £6500+ vat min!

    So the landlord contacted his insurance just to be on safe side and they have said if it is clearly the tenants fault and he has a letter from tenant confessing they won't
    pay out as negligence on tenants part .

    The question is where do they stand ?he has buildings cover and contents for lost of his stuff.

    6 month AST in England

    Many thanks

    It is the tenant's fault in my book. Sounds like a lot of damage - how long were taps on for?

    Freedom at the point of zero............


      You look at your insurance policy.

      Question 1: Are you covered for the risk? If you are, go to Question 2; if you are not you are not covered.

      Question 2: Is there is an exclusion which prevents you from making a claim? If there is not, go to Question 3. If there is, you are not covered.

      Question 3: When you took out the insurance did you declare all relevant facts to the insurers? If you did (and assuming there is no devil in the detail) you are covered. If you did not, you are not covered.


        Did LL take out LL Buildings Ins when started to rent or rely on 'homeowner's insurance'?


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