DPS - Deposit and possible ADR dispute! Any Advice Much Appreciated

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    DPS - Deposit and possible ADR dispute! Any Advice Much Appreciated

    Hi All,

    APoligies for the long post but i really just need some advice and wondered if anyone can help,
    Basically me and my fiance have been renting a property and coming up to the end of our tenancy, Due to many reasons (which i will post below) we have decided to move property to live closer to family but stay with the same estate agents.
    So when we first mooved in there we found that there were a few issues.

    The Toilet would not stop the water going through when we would flush, we would have to flush up to 30 times before the water would stop running- The plumber got called out every time and just said if it happens again call me! This was the case every time he actually turned up (as most times he wouldnt bother) and eventually we had to threaten to make a complaint for him to call out and even when he did he still didnt fix the issues. During checkout the toilet was not working to the estate agents weere able to see (Finally) That we were not lying and it was broken!

    The steps leading into the house were very loose, this wasnt an uregent issue but during the first few weeks i would trip over the step and had visitors from my pregnant sister who could easily trip. The estate agents sent someone out who turned up wiithout us knowing and fixed the stone, by the time we got back from work we found that the stone was in fact not fixed and worse than before.

    Finally the main issue, damp. The walls in the property had damp on them especially the spare room. even the blinds were covered in them which we had to replace, i did wipe them with bleech but they continued to come back, we regully used the de-humitifier and ensured the house always had air coming into it.

    When doing the final check out the estate agents didnt mention the problems we had had but did notice that on our laminate flooring about a square meter of it was slighly risen and a few very minor bubbles had formed, when they asked us we simple told the truth and said we had never really notices and assumed it was from when people had been coming in and out in the rain and due to mopping. Since then when asking for our deposit back the landloards have been in touch and said that they have quoted to fix the "dmanaged floor" and charge us £654. they said they are willing to drop to £430 for depreciateion but are wanting to take it out of our bond which is currently with DPS.

    Me and my fiance are speechless as the house is immaculate and even in the 5 months we have completly re-renovated the garden and planted bulbs ready for the summer(previously there was a tree trunk groeing and lifting up the pavment which they had a guy remove, but the guy didnt take the root!!)
    What do we do? Shall we just pay up the £430 or do you think we should go to the ADR service? We have never had any trouble with any landlords since now and genuinly dont feel we should replace the whole floor for something so ridiculous! And they have said if we go through DPS they will ask for the full £654

    Any help will be very much appreciated and thank you for taking the time to read my post,
    Kind Regards

    ADR - no brainer!


      ADR. But the other stuff (planting bulbs etc.) is totally irrelevant.


        As above, ADR. The landlord sounds like he is trying it on: Stand firm, stand up to the bully!! Deposit protection came in to prevent such issues & ADR is the solution....

        I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


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