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    The key thing about an AST turning into a SPT is that the tenant must be in residence for that to happen. Tenant does not seem to have been in residence at midnight on the 9th/10th (ask other tenants) so section 5 would not have taken effect. HOWEVER, it would be interesting to know what the AST said about continuing the tenancy because although an SPT may not have been formed, a contractual periodic tenancy may.

    Although it has no legal effect, it may be wise to stick an abandonment notice on the door.


      Originally posted by Berlingogirl View Post
      I would try his phone again, look for him on facebook, and contact his ex again. Wait a further week, bag up his stuff and change the locks. Then relet.
      I like the sound of that idea but because the key has not been surrendered could that imply it has fallen into a periodic?


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