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    Sofia Property

    what do you think about the residential properties in Sofia, Bulgaria?
    A lot of my friends already bought residential properties there.
    There is a very good residential off-plan development named Mount View Sofia -
    I think Sofia is a very good investment area and the prices will go up and up in the next 5 years, so it is a good investment opportunity.

    I think there is too much mass marketing for these properties on landlords forums


      Think very carefully!

      I owned a big rental villa in Florida which did me no favours, just cost me money and gave me a headache.

      I also own 2 in Spain, which again I wish I hadn't bought. These were bought on the strength of promises made, and my foolish belief that (a prices would rise considerably and b) rental incomes would be good. Neither a) nor b) has happened.

      I furthermore own development land in Bulgaria which despite much effort has not got to the building stage yet after over 3 years.

      Truth is that foreign property investments are very difficult to keep your eye on. Most rental projections you are given are extremely optimistic, and promises of extreme price raises often based on a recent boom that is unlikely to continue. Add to this the complexity of Bulgarian law and you'll get the picture of what i'm trying to say!!


        In one sentence, the poor infrastructure is major pinpoint as a major drawback for residential properties in Sofia, Bulgaria.


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