Tenant with a baby and nuisance partner

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    Tenant with a baby and nuisance partner

    Hi all!

    I have a tenant, she has been there for years now on AST agreement. She had a baby last year and has started to become a nuisance to the other tennants. She leaves nappies in the kitchen bin, which is a serious health and safety issue, and has flushed baby wipes down the toilet, blocking the pipe work, resulting in the landlord having to pay for it to be cleared out.

    Her boyfriend visits on a daily basis, leaving the front door wide open and bullying the other tennants and being rude. I have even heard him say he will smash his head in about one of the tennants. He is not paying rent and has caused damage to the property. She is now starting to withold rent, saying that there are problems with mice and anything she can find. We have had builders in who have tried to fix issues, AND pest control, but she always tries to find something else. Previous tenants have complained and left because of her and her boyfriend, and now new tennants want to do the same.

    She says she has applied to council for a new place to live, but we need to get her out asap. Landlord would like to do renovate her room and the toilet next to it- we offered her another room but she said she could not afford to and did not want to move. Can we still get her out?

    We have served her eviction notice before, but she told us to take the information about her boyfriend living with her out of the notice, because then the council will not give her a place to stay, as she has told them she is a single mother. Basically, she is claiming income support fraudulently. If i mention this in the eviction notice, they will stop her income support, yet we will still be stuck with her.

    I am assuming if she doesn't not have another sutable place to stay we are back to square one and stuck with her. Should we mention about him in the eviction notice? What else can I do? ANy advice would be much appreciated!

    Please answer the questions in the link below with exact dates.



      Please answer the questions above.

      Your post reads as though you are the Agent. Is this the case? If it is, this is pretty basic stuff.

      As for eviction, well if the T is commiting fraud then I don't see how this is your problem. Quite frankly I can't abide scroungers. As for the boyfriend, well if he is threatening other Ts then it is for them to report it to the Police not for you to deal with.
      There is always scope for misinterpretation.

      If my posts can be interpreted in two ways, one that makes you feel angry and one that doesn't, I meant the latter.

      Everyday is an opportunity to learn something new.


        valid s21, requires no reason, just deposit (if any paid) protection.
        I am guessing youare an inexperienced, unqualified newbie LA?


          Originally posted by shel1983 View Post
          I am assuming if she doesn't not have another sutable place to stay we are back to square one and stuck with her. Should we mention about him in the eviction notice?
          The boyfriend isn't a tenant so no need to mention him (and presumably he'll stop coming round once she's gone?). In any case. you say he visits daily, rather than lives there? I'm not familiar with the rules and regs, but surely if he has his own place, and they don't cohabit, then she is a single mother anyway surely, regardless of whether she has a boyfriend (you don't say whether he's the father, but suspect that's not relevant?

          But in any case, it's not your problem if she doesn't have anywhere suitable to go, it's the council's. Just do a S21 no-fault eviction, as advised


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