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  • Wannadonnadoodah
    Go to ADR with the deposit protection company.

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  • Nimac
    started a topic Deposit not returned

    Deposit not returned


    We moved out of a property on the 26th Feb and left it in immaculate condition, took many photos to prove this. The only bad thing was part of the grass in the garden had died.

    Inventory and check out was done and letting agents said all was great and they would just be charging us to have oven cleaned which was fair enough.

    However, this weekend 10 days after we moved out and 9 days after new tenants moved in, the landlords agent (mother) has now went to the property to look round and has told the letting agency not to release the deposit as they are not happy, they haven't given an exact reason (yet)

    Surely they couldn't do this at a late stage, especially after the inventory and check out was done ages ago and tenants have now been living there for almost 2 weeks!

    Any advice would be great.


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