when can my tenancy end?

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  • ram
    If this is you first contract for the property, and seems it is, you have no need to advise that you are leaving at the end of 6 months, and you could have left yesterday the 28th, with no advanced warning.
    E.G. you took out a contract to rent only upto the 28th of Feb 2015.
    Always tell the landlord that you won't be renewing the contract.

    Now that yesterday has gone ( 28th ) normaly you will have to give one months notice.
    This notice runs from the 28th of each month ( not the day you pay your rent. ).

    But you are contracted to pay monthly in advance, and no refunds are normal, so if you want to leave, is best to give more than 1 months notice.
    You can leave on the 28th April as a months notice must include a full rental month.

    what does your agreement state ?

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  • Lawcruncher
    What is important is the exact day the six month contract finished. How exactly is the tenancy agreement worded where it states how long the tenancy is for?

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  • christine90
    started a topic when can my tenancy end?

    when can my tenancy end?

    I signed the contract and moved into my rental property on the 29th august 2014 on a 6 month contract. I asked landlord if i could pay the extra days and then pay on the first of every month from then on, landlord refussed any extra money and said was fine to start payments from the 1st of every month.

    I want to leave this property now, i have been given mixed veviews of when i can actually leave.

    First one is i hand the notice in before the first of the month with the view to be out of the property by the end of that month.

    The second is i have to hand my notice in before the 29th (annerversery date) of a month then i can leave 29th of the next month.

    I am confussed and could do with any and all advice

    Thank you


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