previous tenant harrassing us for post as she is still using the property address

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    previous tenant harrassing us for post as she is still using the property address

    I wanted some advice really. A previous tenant who caused us many problems and still has bailiffs and police visiting our property moved out in December 2014 still today she keeps calling and texting me about post. I have explained to her on several occasions that I have returned all her post back to sender except the bailiff notices that do not have a return address and she is welcome to pick them up. She began leaving me voicemails about investigations into her mail I couldn't understand as she is not English and her level of spoken English is not the best but she understands it fully. It sounded to me that she was trying to say we have not been returning her post and that important documents are missing. I have told her that she needs to redirect her mail immediately via the post office and that she has had over two months to change her address over so it is not my responsibility to keep tabs on her mail, all I will do is send them back which I do with all other previous tenants mail. She also is using the main house address, her previous flat number and a made up flat number at our property. Basically she has three addresses on the go for the same property as it's divided into studios. I'm getting fed up with the constant calls and texts and I also have reason to believe she still has a main door key as she tried to hold onto an extra flat key on leaving that she had cut when she lived at the property becuase she had paid for it. I finally got it back off her. She also dumped things around the side of the house and tried filling our communal bins with unwanted furniture before leaving, she made changes to the flat without permission and removed curtains replacing them with cheap blinds and expected me to pay her for them. She also cut the phoneline and removed the input box She spent three years paying rent late and we even reduced her rent as she was having money problems she then also got into debt with her council tax and blamed us as our rent was too high yet she had the biggest flat and the lowest rate. We never charged her for her damage as we knew we would be fighting a lost cause and would never see the money. she refused to pay her last month rent and her deposit did not cover all the repairs. She complained to all our new tenants about us and would annoy them offering unwanted things. How can I get rid of this headache once and for all?
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    Don't do anything with the post.
    Don't return it, mark it as "Not known at this address, Please return to sender" and drop it back in a post box.

    I would block her number and from texting you (I have a separate phone number and email address for tenants).

    Change the locks to be sure (your current tenant will be more secure with that done).
    When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
    Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


      As above.

      And text her to say that you have informed the police that she is using 3 address and in your opinion this could be fraud ( leave it at that )

      If there is a common door for all the flats, at least pay for a new lock and 2 keys for each flat and state that a previous tenant still has the keys or has had extra keys cut and to protect the mail / credit cards, credit card pin numbers etc etc, that the locks must be changed.

      Talk to the managing company / agent to get a new lock and one week before the lock is changed, send out replacement keys. And at your cost.



        As the posters above:

        Also keep a log (handwritten is fine) & any evidence of any further harassment: Harassment is a criminal offence.

        Have you written (yes, WRITTEN, keep copy) asking her to stop?? If she was paying late for 3 years why did it take you 3 years to evict?
        I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


          Would she take more notice of a solicitors letter? I know it wouldn't be cheap, but.....


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