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  • Don't want to use a letting agent ?

    Hi all

    For a number of years I worked as a Lettings Manager for 2 different letting agents. Throughout that time, I've come across Landlords who are unhappy with agents for different reasons, many of whom have then decided to 'go it alone', whether it be down to high letting fees or poor (and often expensive) management, or lack of it! In fact, a number of postings in this forum confirm just that!

    With this in mind, I set up Online Tenancies, which is a free Property Marketing/Tenant Referencing & Tenancy Setup service. We basically perform a 'Letting Only' service as you would get from your 'traditional' letting agent, where you carry out the viewings. The main difference between us and a letting agent is that we DO NOT charge our clients a letting fee.


    Our revenue comes from the admin fee which the tenant pays on applying for a tenancy (same as a letting agent charges). This is £99 for the 1st tenant and £20 per person (inc Guarantors) thereafter. A small percentage of our clients even pay the admin fee themselves as they still save on letting fees.

    We can afford to do away with the letting fee purely on the volume of Tenancies we deal with as we enjoy national coverage.

    I'm a landlord myself and our service is designed with fellow landlords in mind.

    If anyone would like any further information please feel free to call me on 08450 530107 or contact me via the details on our website at

    I hope some of you will find the service of use.

    Kind regards

    Matt McColley MARLA
    The FREE Property Marketing, Tenant Referencing & Tenancy Set-up Service for Landlords

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    Matt. Good luck with your website.

    On the downside the Editor of the "Zone" frowns on people advertising any commercial site (even for free!) unless you pay him to, so it might be prudent to remove this thread to save yourself embarrassment and before the Editor does it for you!
    The advice I give should not be construed as a definitive answer, and is without prejudice or liability. You are advised to consult a specialist solicitor or other person of equal legal standing.


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